Saturday, June 21, 2008


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Today we're going to Iceland for two weeks. Our first flight is at 6.15am, that really early. We're going there through London.
We rented a car to go all around the island. I'll probably tell you everthing day by day later with lots of pictures as for my other travel posts.
But first as this is an introduction, and as I'm not there yet, I'm going to give you some pieces of information about Iceland.

It's an island of 100,250 km² in the top north of the altlantic ocean, that in fact the world's 18th-largest island.
The main city is Reykjavík with 119,000 inhabitants which is about one third of the all country.
It's volcanically and geologically active, they have natural hot water, water falls and geysers as well as icebergs and volcano. Many fjords can be seen all around the coast line. That's really going to be beautiful to see.

On the island you can find some special animal such as the sturdy Icelandic horse, artic fox and reindeer. Some polar bear are apparently coming occasionnally to the island. There are also lots of birds like puffins, skuas and kittiwakes. I think puffins are the cutes because of their beak, I hope I'll see some. We are also planning to take a boat to go and see the whales, there are lot of them around the island.

During our stay there as it's summer time it's gonna be day time all night as well, that's gonna be funny. But it's going to be a bit cold as well, between 5 and 12 degrees.

It's really sound like a nice travel and a great experience.

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