Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Japanese project : End of learning the kanjis

En français
I haven't completely finish to learn my kanjis.
I have only less than 300 remaining so that's not too bad.
During my travel in Iceland I won't have time to review them at all so that's a bit scary.
I think that I will take two weeks for review and learn the remaining one's when I come back.
The good thing about the break is that in that case I will really know how much are already in my long terms memory.
I quite happy of the result so far even if I hoped to finish before leaving.
I didn't expected to be that busy in the lab and the preparation of the travel when I started the all thing.
Anyway the main result agrees with the project as I know now more kanjis than I ever did before.
But their is still a long way before being able to understand completely Japanese.
I will do some researches during the revision period to find the best next step to adopt and discuss that latter.

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