Friday, June 20, 2008

The Korean project : Learning from lyrics, Introduction.

En français
When I talked about creating a Korean environment and listening Korean all day long I told you that I was listening to music. That's what is called k-pops.
There are severals good points about listening to music in a foreigner language you are trying to learn.
I'm not going to discuss the good points in listening music in itself here, just the relation between listening to music while learning a language.

Take the example of one song :

- It's short, generally around 3 or 4 minutes so you can reaped it several times easily.
- It's also easier to read lyrics than books or articles because you won't have to look for too much vocabulary to understand all of it.
- It can be broken into several parts, verses and chorus.
As the chorus should be repeated 2 or 3 time at least that the easiest part to understand.
Then, you can take care of the verses and everything will fall into places.
-You can also sing them to practice your pronunciation.
One of my language teacher told me one day that the students have got a better accent when they sing than when the speak.
I think that's because of the rhythm.
- I'm also sure that it's easy for everybody to find music in his target language and that also open you to the cultur behind.

Of course lots of songs are written in a poetic style so there are things that you won't say, but that's still part of the language and the goal here is to understand everything.

The best place to find k-pops lyrics is aheeyah. They have also lyrics from movies so you can associate everything. Study a movie and the OST with the lyrics. That's really cool. They have weird romanisation, but I think that because I hate romanisation anyway, (maybe you will like it) and translation in English.

I'm going to write some posts about my favorite songs and give the lyrics as well from where I'm studying.

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