Thursday, October 29, 2009

NaNoWriMo Challenge

This November, I'm officially participating to NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. The goal of this is to write at least 50000 words of a Novel starting on November the 1st until November 31 midnight.
Once you have your 50000 words, and that they are counted you are officially a NaNoWrimo winner.
For more information see the official web site
Don't hesitate to join, it's free and you won't loose anything by trying, at the contrary.

That is going to be even more challenging for me as I will need to complete the task before the 21st of November.
So everyday in November I will upload for you my word count of the day, my total word count, the number of hours writing (if I can keep track of it, I'm not very good at that) and of course the part of the story written so that you can follow the story while I write it.
Don't except anything big, this is my first time ever participating to this challenge and I have never written a complete story before. I will just try to do my best and keep you entertained during November.
All Novels Drafts

First day
Second day
Third day
Fourth day
Fifth day
Sixth day
Seventh day
Eighth day
Ninth day
day 10
day 11
day 12
day 13
day 14
day 15
day 16
day 17
day 18
day 19
day 20
day 21
day 22
part 23
part 24
part 25
part 26
part 27
part 28, end

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