Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NaNoWriMo Challenge : day 10

Today was a great writing day, well especially after 6pm. I don't know why, before in the afternoon I was really slow at writing. Maybe because i have been thinking a lot about part of the story that will happened later.
You see I first I started to draw the part of the story, mostly to avoid writing them before the first of November but also to see if I could imagine the end of the story. I often started to write stories without finishing them.
This time as so many people would be able to read it i really want a good ending and you will have one. I'm not sure that I will reach it after finishing the 50000 words but I'm sure than I won't stop writing this story before the end. I think my characters really deserve it and writing through all of those words made me really attached to them and to the story. Once again I hope you will enjoy reading this part as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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Stats of the day : 3640 words written, yes yes, my best day so far. Adding up to 29149 words in total.

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