Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaNoWriMo Challenge : day 11

Here is the 11th part of the story, Sahel is getting all this powers and growing up really fast. Gideon is taking care of the dark shadow, but something is telling me that it won't let us rest and bring more problems to solve.

Today was a pretty good writing day two, in two steps. I was doing from virtual write-in sessions with my friend before going to bed in the very early morning which kept me awake until 3am and added about 1500 words to the story.
Of course when I wake up today there was no way for me to write less than my 2500 words even if I had 1500 already. So today I beat up my daily record again.
In a sense reaching the 25000 words free me a bit. Now I know I'm very close to the end and that I will probably achieve it without to much problem. My main preoccupation now is to write enough to finish the story. But the end will take care of itself as long as I keep on writing.

Stats of the day 4019 words written which add up to 33168 words in total. But I'm not sleepy yet and lots of things will happen again before I go to bed.
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