Friday, November 13, 2009

NaNoWriMo Challenge : day 12

Today, I had no problem to write, I just sad at the computer and wrote my 2500 words.
I know I should be further in the story and that lots of the things I'm writing now where not in the original plan but I think they are bringing an other dimension to the story. Especially because I'm letting you know more things about my characters and you will maybe end up knowing them as well as do. Maybe not yet though, I still have a lot to tell you.
And who care if the story is twice longer than I planed initially. More words = more fun, right?
Thinking about it when I concentrate on my creation, I write about 500 words in half an hour.
During that half hour, you have the typing and the creation of sentence and the little breaks during which you fine the following ideas. That a really interesting process. Also 30 mins is a very good length to be able to concentrate. Then you can take a 5 min breaks or continue and add more. I really like it.
I also enjoy a lot writing very detailed descriptions about what my characters are doing day by day and talking about their pasts. For me their pasts and memories show exactly their current behavior, like in real life.

Stats of the day 2545 words written which add up to 35713 words, such a nice day.
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