Sunday, December 20, 2009

NaNoWriMo, NaNoFiMo, part 26 of "Demon soul"

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Today I wrote a bit more than the 2500 words planed. I'm always writing more and I'm really happy about it. I can feel the end of the story coming. I'm a bit frustrated because I would like to finish it before Christmas and it's taking more time than I expected. Probably because that's my first novel and I didn't know or realize how ambitious in number of word it was when I planed it.
Anyway, I'm getting there and I'm proud of what has been achieved so far.
I tried to write a lot of stories before but never reached that far, and never came anywhere close to something I could call the end.
The NaNoWriMo experience was really great to show me that I could to it. When I started, I planned the 2500 words a day because I knew that I needed that much to be able to win the challenged.
I practiced a bit on an other story that I'm now planing to finish sometimes, but at that time I didn't have a dead line, that was just training and I didn't wrote regularly every day.
I found it very difficult to get to the 2500 words a day and wasn't sure to be able to make it in November.
But in November, I had friends trying with me, I had posted the story here and I had actually something to win, if not the challenge at least I would have beaten the length of the longest story I ever wrote. But I made it and now I'll finish that story soon.
I hope you are enjoying it even if the grammar and spelling of this first draft is not very good.

Stats of the day : 3079 words written which add up to 84849 words in today and to 28169 words for NaNoFiMo.
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