Thursday, November 19, 2009

NaNoWriMo challenge : day 18

This is the first part with a word count above the 50000 words limit.
I didn't make it less at all. I want to keep going for ever until the story in finished.
I really like this part because it involves my vampires a bit more. I find them really cool. I knew Viorel was cool but I didn't know how cool Dylan and Daciana were.
I'm glad I wrote this part of the story with them.
Sahel is also getting so big, he is not a baby anymore, I hope he will continue to evolve in a good way despite nasty things around him, such as the dark shadow.
I'm also wondering if he will be strong even to get his last power.
We will see in the near future I hope.

Stats of the day 2748 words written which add up to 53158 words in total.
All Novels Draft 

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