Thursday, September 18, 2008

1%의 어떤것 (1% of anything)

En français

1%의 어떤것 is a Korean drama from 2003 in 26 episodes.

A girl help an old man in the train. She doesn't know that he is rich and has decided to marry her to his grand-son.
Of course the grand-son start by refusing, but accept to date her because she is supposed to get lot the money of the grand father.
At first they really can't stand each other, after things get better. But her parents refuse their relationship...

I like this drama, it's really funny and every characters are great.
However I think it's a little to long. After the first relationship is settled down, you see the same kind of problems for a second one and then a third one, so it's become a bit annoying.

Casting :
김정화 (Kim Jung Hwa),
강동원 (Kang Dong Won) (M , Voice of Murderer, Maundy Thursday, Duelist, Temptation of Wolves, Too Beautiful to Lie),
한혜진 (Han Hye Jin) (Be Strong, Geum-soon! ),
김지우 (Kim Ji Woo) (My Tutor Friend),
변희봉 (Byun Hee Bong) (My Girl, Memories of Murder),
김영란 (Kim Young Ran) (Autumn Shower, Save the Last Dance for Me),
이희도 (Lee Hui Do) (Be Strong Geum Soon, Dae Jang Geum),
최민수 (Choi Min Soo) (The Legend),

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