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태왕사신기, The Legend

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The legend, 태왕사신기 is a Korean drama based on the legend of 광개토대왕 (Gwanggaeto the Great of Goguryeo).
More than 4000 years ago the Jyushin king coming from heaven tries to create a world of peace by uniting of the nation.
He hurts the pride of the tiger tribe who still want there land for them self.
The tiger tribe priestess Kajin, fall in love with the Jyushin king and lost her power on fire.
The Jyushin king is help then by the four gardiens of the sacred symbols, 백호 (Baek-Ho, the White Tiger), 청룡 (Cheong-Ryong, the Blue Dragon), 현무,Hyeon-Mu, the Black Turtle-Snake) and the artificially created power of the fire stolen from Kajin, the Heart of 주작 (Ju-Jak, the Red Phoenix).
The Jyushin king gave the Heart of 주작 to Seo of the bear tribe.
When enable to control it she become the Black Phoenix and transform the world in brazier, he has to kill her. He then gives up his mission.
2000 year later, the Jyushin star shine in the sky again and the Jyushin king as reborn. The sacred symbols awakes again.
Now begun the war with the Hwacheon, the rest of the tiger tribes for the quest of the sacred symbols.
In the history of Korea,
광개토대왕 was the nineteenth king of 고구려 (Goguryeo) in the north of the 삼국시대 (three kingdoms of Korea). During his reign 고구려 was a major power in east asia. He unified the three kingdom of the Korean peninsula for the first time.

The official web site of the drama can be found here and here.

Casting :

배용준 (Bae Yong Jun) as Damdeok / Hwanung / The Jyushin king (Winter sonata,외출, April Snow 이지아 (Lee Ji-ah) as Sujini / Se-o
문소리 (Moon So-ri) as Seo Giha / Gajin
오광록 (Oh Kwang-rok) as Hyeon-go (우리들의 행복한 시간, Maundy Thursday)
최민수 (Choi Min-soo) as Daejangro(Leader) of Hwacheon Clan
윤태영 (Yoon Tae-young) as Yeon Hogae
박상원 (Park Sang-won) as Yeon Garyo
박상민 (Park Sang-Min) as Saryang
이필립 (Philip Lee) as Cheoro
박성웅 (Park Sung-Woong) as Jumuchi
이다희 (Lee Da-Hee) as Gakdan

I really like the story, the scenery and the music. The sacred symbols create a magical univer, than remind the best myth and legend.
The story also deals very successfully with the relation between the character that gives a more realistic dimension to the story.
It's really beautiful.
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