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The Japanese project : Those kanjis you can't remember

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So now we have been studying those kanji for two weeks. And It is possible that we encounter some problems. That is kanji impossible to remember. OK, take a deep breath, take it easy, don't panic. Impossible kanji do not exist.
Now I'm gonna describe the reason why you keep forgetting the same kanji and how to fix the problems.

First I realized that it maybe a basic language problem. If you are studying the kanji from a second language (for example for me my Heisig is an English one), it is highly probable that your vocabulary isn't sufficient.
So first translate the word in your mother tongue, and if is not enough translate the story.
The great advantage is that you are not only going to learn a kanji but also new world in the language that is your basis to study it.

Second problem can be that the story don't talk to you at all. You can't remember it.
Take for example the kanji number 240 : 黙 , silence.
I don't have a clue about the "Hello, Darkness, my old friend..." song.
It doesn't really matter, in that case you just have to create your own story.
My neighbor's dog keep on barking all the time, when I'm trying to nap, so that I can never get any silence. I don't know the color of that dog but I can imagine that it is black. and that's it I will never forget 黙 again.

Now if I still forgot some of them, I not which they are while doing the SRS repetition. Then I make a copy of the page of the book, cut that part, stick it on cardboard, and draw picture to help remembering. That best thing is to use colors, even if grown up use to work in black and white, your memory will be help a lot by adding some color. The idea behind those flash cart is that you can carry them with you all the time and review severals time a day even if you have only few minutes.

Anyway don't stay stuck if you don't know all the kanji in a lesson, keep moving, it is better to know 80% of 500 kanji than only 100 completely on the top of your head.
Your SRS is going to remind them to you so often anyway that you can't possibly forget them for ever, be patient and work regularly.

Some more funny kanji images can be find here.

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