Saturday, May 17, 2008

외출 (外出, April Snow)

En français

외출 April Snow is a Korean romance movie (2005) from 허진호 (許眞浩) staring 배용준(裵勇俊) and 손예진(孫藝珍).
Two people have a car accident and end up badly injured in hospital. Their spouses need there and an inquiry is made to figure out who was driving the car. They discover that they were having and affair and fall in love with each other.
The story seems very real and natural, this sensation is enforced by passages without music.
The two main characters are the center of the action, the others seem inexistent and stay out of the main action, that bring you closer to the characters.

배용준(裵勇俊) plays the king in the dramas 겨울연가 (Winter sonata) and 태왕사신기 (The legend), and 손예진(孫藝珍) lends her voice to 여우비 in the cartoon "천년여우 여우비" (Yobi, the five tailed fox).
More information and download can be found here. A link to this post can be found on movie Monday carnival.
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