Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cooking : Tea Jelly

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Making tea jelly or "whatever you want" jelly is really easy.
There is only one thing you need, that is called Agar-Agar.
You can find it, in powder or in stick form (see picture) . It has the interesting property of liquefying at 80 degrees and solidifying at 40 degrees. At the same time it absorbs sugar and fat so that it's not absorbed by your organism. It is also 100% natural and don't alter the flavor at all.
Generally I use the white version but you can also find it in red or green to make colorful dessert.

Here I'm going to describe the process of making tea jelly.

What you need :

2g of Agar-Agar
Your favorite tea
Water (1l)
The amount can be changed if needed
optional : ginseng cube

Recipe :

First put the tea in a pan with water, as much water has the amount of jelly you want and tea so that you have the flavor you want.
Let it boils then filter it to keep only the liquid.
Boil the liquid again and had sugar if needed, the ginseng cub and the Agar-Agar.
When the Agar-Agar is dissolved put the liquid in a bowl.
While the temperature of the liquid decreases the jelly appears.
You can put it in the fridge to make it faster.

Have a nice dessert !!!

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