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大長今 : Dae Jang Geum

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大長今 ( Dae Jang Geum )is a Korean drama (2003) telling the story of first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. As 태왕사신기, it's a historical drama, but it doesn't have mythological and magical part.
After the death of her parents 長今 Jang Geum played by Lee Young Ae, enter the palace to become a kitchen lady. She is seen as a curious and bright girl who have problems to follow the rules and always get into trouble to discover the true. Lost of conspiracy will pursue her, preventing her to accomplish the dream of her mother, that is, becoming a head of the kitchen.
I like this drama because there is a always something happening and lots of suspense. Of course there are nice people and bad people, but they all have their reasons and stayed human.
The scenery are really good and I like the costume as well, you really believe they were filming it during Joseon Dynasty. The music is also beautiful.
I also really like the scenes when they prepare the food, everything is done very carefully.

Casting :

Lee Young-ae
(이영애 (李英愛)) as Seo Jang Geum (서장금 (徐長今)) (친절한 금자씨, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance)
Ji Jin-hee (지진희/ 池珍熙) as Min Jeong-ho (민정호 (閔政浩))
Im Ho (임호 (任豪)) as Jungjong (중종 (中宗)) (엽기적인 그녀, My Sassy Girl )
Hong Ri-na (홍리나 (洪莉娜)) as Choi Geum-young (최금영 (崔今英))
Kyeon Mi-ri (견미리 (甄美莉)) as Choi Seong-geum (최성금 (崔成琴)) (주몽, Jumong)
Park Eun-hye (박은혜 (朴恩惠)) as Lee Yeon-saeng (이연생 (李連生))
Kim Yeo-jin (김여진 (金汝眞)) as Jang-deok (장덕 (張德))
Han Ji-min (한지민 (韓智敏)) as Shin-bi (신비 (信非))
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