Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday Travel 90: Witch Raising: The Book of Fire

Welcome to Tuesday Travel. Every Tuesday, I will be presenting an excerpt of Witch Raising: The Book of Fire, the book in which Brownie, the heroine of Demon Soul, is undertaking an initiatory journey.

About Witch Raising: The Book of Fire

Witch Raising is a new series with Brownie, the heroine of Demon Soul as the main character. This series is part of the House at the Crossing Series and follows Demon Soul and Demon and Fairy but instead of being centered on the adventure of Sahel and his demon friends, it follows Brownie as she goes from being a normal girl to a bad ass witch. She has been practicing magick for a while now, saving people from difficult situations but the people at the house, including Sahel aren't happy with her new calling. Feeling that she doesn't have a choice and has to keep learning witchcraft, Brownie leaves to meet other witches.

The excerpt, we start where we left off last week 


"It's alive, it grows," Josh said.

"It's not, it's just a chemical reaction between the crystal particles and the air that making it crystalise when the crystal is broken."

Brownie wasn't sure. She was looking at the crystal wondering if it was really safe to touch it. Nothing had happened to Samantha so she place her index finger's tips on one of it. she could feel like a pulse. Her aquamarine was starting to shine under her T-shirt. she could feel it getting warmer and see the light coming from her chest, hoping that nobody would notice. She took her hand away from the crystal and her stone stopped shining. Normally, her aquamarine only shine when there was some danger but this time, it didn't feel that way. It was as if the crystal and her stone were communicating at some level she didn't fully understand.

She looked on the floor for a perfect piece and finally found one with smooth edges. It seemed to have fallen a long time ago because the wind had probably smoothed it over. When she place her in her palm, she still felt the same pulse as the larger crystal. It was strange that such a little stone felt so alive. Her aquamarine was shining a bit again. She wished Gideon was around to make this new stone into a pendant too. But hoped that her aquamarine would stop acting so weird before someone actually noticed it.

They continued to the temple. There was a large white door with two panels and only one of them was opened. The dancer had entered. The music has stopped and people were slowly and silently entering the temple. It was a strange feeling after the frenzy of the morning to have a sudden quietness. The entire temple inside was as white as it was outside. It almost felt as if snow and ice wanted to fight against the burning fire of the desert outside.


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