Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 172: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“What Taram actually wants to say is that he wants you to come live with us?” Torin said trying to sound serious but he couldn't repressed a smile at the joke.
Taram threw him a dark look and smiled at Samira.
“Of course, you could come over whenever you want,” he said.
“No thank you, after what my brother did last time he visited your father's office, I'm afraid he might try to poison me to cancel the wedding,” Samira said.
“Seti would totally kill him for that,” Torin answered a bit alarmed knowing that she had a point. Their dad was mad, he would definitely lock them up if he knew they were skipping school to come here.
Taram smiled, he was actually feeling a lot more comfortable not having Samira around for a while. “Do you know a guy called Sahel?” he asked.
“I should have known that you didn't come here for me,” Samira said sighting.
She was used to it, Taram's display of affection never lasted long in public at least.
“Of course I came for you,” Taram said winking. 

Samira couldn't resist when he did that even though she hated it. It was making her feel like the only girl on the planet even though she had seem him do it to others too many times.
“I was wondering that too actually, we haven't seen him in a while, maybe you would even like him better than Taram,” Torin said.
Taram threw him a bad look, even if he was looking at other girls he still wanted to keep Samira all for himself.
“I don't know anyone, we just arrive and Watchers like us don't really mix well with the local Nephilims, they are kind of expecting us to bring back the guys who attacked the sanctuary,” Samira said in a low voice.

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