Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 108

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.
Yue was lying on his bed looking at the ceiling, he had put his long pillow between his wings to be more comfortable, he could have been lying on his stomach but it was generally giving him huge lower back ache and he needed to think anyway. He brought his arms behind his head a spread his wings. The motive on the ceiling were rather distracting, he could see shape in the uneven rocks building it. But tonight, he wasn’t thinking arbitrary things coming back from a past he didn’t remember himself, he was thinking about what the strange boy had said. When they had told him they had the witch, his witch the one who had taken away from him who he was, he had only half believed them, but in the end, if they truly had hoped for him to die their while fighting with the others, he could only think that they had the witch for a more personal reason. There was something unclear about the witch and there was many things unclear about them. The boy was rather enigmatic. When they had brought him in, first he had thought that he might be the witch but for some reasons he had the feeling that his witch was a girl and not a demon, something else, something scary. They were all bloody and hurt, hungry and tired, they needed a shower. As much as demons loved to pretend that hygiene didn’t matter much to them he had never really though anyone staying dirty and bloody for too long. They loved the fresh blood of their victim on their skin, old blood was of no appeal to them, and there was a lot of old blood everywhere in this room, enough to bore the most enduring demon. They had brought the boy to them and the first thought which had came to Yue’s mind was that it was an easy prey to kill and he had expected him to die in half the time it took to breath in, he knew that the thought was in the mind of every demon still standing, Lonan was smiling maliciously and if that wasn’t for Odeon controlling him somehow, he would have been the first one to jump on him. But curiously that didn’t happen, the boy had been threw in the middle of the crowed and the dark robe guys throwing him had flown away as soon as possible as if they were worried about getting killed themselves. He had sat in the middle of the room not paying attention to anyone around in particular, tracing circle on the crust of the blood that surface had already drown, balancing himself from front to back again and again.

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