Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 87

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
He was in another realm, he was having his first stimulated precognition and it was stimulated by pain. After that, his guardians had been killed for disobeying but the next one had been told to torture him as much as they wanted to extra important information about the future. I always started the same way, they would read to him a very long and boring prophesy in a language that he couldn’t consciously understand and they would start torturing him. Pressing his wings on particular spot to maximize the pain on some particular part of his body and they were taking notes of everything, where was it the most efficient to get the demanded prediction. He couldn’t fake it, he couldn’t lye, he was just praying and praying to a god who had already abandoned him to be finally liberated. But now he could, he could pretend that he couldn’t use his legs anymore so that they wouldn’t torture him there, he had taught himself to bear the pain without crying yelling or moving so that they didn’t even know how to really torture him anymore and they had spaced up the séance, slowly. At first it had been one day without them coming around him, then two then sometimes a full week or a full month but it had taken him years to get to that level of self control, years of continuous pain. That girl in there was still waiting for someone to come and save her, she was resigned in her hopelessness as a weak human against the strong demons but he was the living proof that the weak could win. Of course they could get everything out of him but a little bit of editing wasn’t really like lying anymore. And lately he had been editing a lot and he had brought her here for their lost. Of course they had a chance to win still precognition isn’t an exact science, it is a probabilistic science, he could see all the forms of the past and the future all at once but the one to be chosen in this universe hadn’t been decided yet.

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