Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 86

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
They dragged Kion in the long and narrow corridor, he wasn’t even using his feet, he liked to fake it now, to show them that he was weak and helpless. When he was a kid, he had made the mistake of showing that he was strong and he had paid deeply for it, of course the demons who had disobeyed by mistreating him also had paid a very heavy price but that hadn’t stop his following guardian to play with him more than they even played with the rest of the demons they had captured. They didn’t need anything from their victims, they could have locked them in a room and let them starve to dead it would have been the same but they were demons and it was in their nature to be cruel and they liked to torture the kids in particular and to make them yell for day and weeks. They had no reasons not to either, they were all orphans, they had already killed their parents and they had brought them all mostly for their own sadistic pleasure. At first he had thought that he was safe because the demons with the huge horns had specified to the other that they should let him move around and not hurt him. But demons were also disobedient by nature and they hadn’t listened. He had had a precognition crisis, as soon as he had entered the room and he had saw that exact same room painted with the blood of his guardian. It had been the funniest premonition of his life and the last natural one he ever had. But as he didn’t tell them fast enough what they wanted to know, what he had seen, they had taken it the bad way and they had decided to take his wings away from him. Wings were the most sensitive part of the demon’s body and therefore the most fragile but it was also something demons were proud of. They could fly, just like birds and angels did. Even though they were the creature who had decided to rebel against go, even though they were market forever as the cursed one, they were still proud of flying, if you removed a demon’s wings, not only was it the most painful thing you could do to his body but it was also the most cruel mutilation for his mind. He was ten years old when they had decided to piece his wings with iron rings and to hang him to the ceiling. He had yelled and yelled and when he had stopped, they had thought that he was dead but he wasn’t.

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