Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pullip Face up How to: The making of my mini me (with video)

I worked on the face up of my MIO pullip mini me. 

I am probably not the best artist but creating dolls is something I like and it's a lot of fun for me to do. I'm using brushes to apply the dry pastel powder, a large one for the blush and a smaller one for the details. I use the very big brush to clean up the powder remaining.
I use some water color pencil to add some darker color and texture to the lips, to draw the eyebrows, the contour of the eye and the eyelashes.
I didn't plan to color the eyelids purple but when I started working on them I just figured that it would be a good idea as I wants to add some purple to my mini me but didn't really know where to.

After the introduction, you will see me work in music in accelerated movie and then the final result is presented on the pictures at the end of the video. 

I already have two videos about the MIO kit (Make in Own) also known as Face&body (if you want to look it up on amazon Japan): The first one explain what a mio kit actually is, the second show me designing my mini me.


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