Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Vlog #3: Cleaning, Anxiety and Writing (with video)

There are three typhoon around Japan and the second one hit us. Though it's a bit early for typhoon season I wonder if it's not started yet.

Today I wanted to work on my MIO Pullip Mini me outfit but I ended up only cleaning around. Hopefully I'll be able to work on the outfit itself tomorrow. The thing is I tend to accumulate things in front of the sewing machine so getting it out to sew can be hard.

Also I was really motivated and efficient yesterday and it generally results in a slow day afterwards. Still I managed to get a little bit of things done.

After a nap, I ended up with some anxiety about where my life is going from here. It's a bit difficult for me not to know where I'll be in six months. So I tried to comment on some writers blog from one of my blog hop but my internet was so slow with the video upload (did you see the steampunk rabbit video?) that I decided to go for a run. I ended up making writing plans and writing goal that I hope you'll held me accountable to.

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