Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 78

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
“What did they do to us?” Celia asked again. 
In that life her name was Celia, she was the daughter of a farmer on the east side of the village. Her mother had passed away while giving birth to her and she had been raised by her father. It was maybe one of the reason why she wasn’t so good with the sweet talk, she never really had any feminine presence around to help her. The only thing she had from her mother where two dresses including her purple Magick ceremonial dress, an old portrait, a diary and a book of shadow. She was smart her mother, she had come from English when she was fifteen and she had married her father out of necessity when her family had died. They barely knew each other when she died, they were together because it was illegal for a woman to stay on her own. Sometimes Celia was wondering if her father was her real father and she found herself thinking about a secret romance between her mother and her romantic lover who would only met her on the evening of the new moon, hidden by the moon’s shadow. But her father was a good man, a simple man but he would let her do as she pleased even when she had been punished for sneaking in the school to learn to read. Girls weren’t supposed to learn to read either, this man had decided against it.
One of the girls looked at her again, she could see the anger on her face now.
“You said that this potion of your would make you know everything, figure it out but yourself,”she said bitterly.
So that was where she was standing. She huddled up on herself, not only to fight the cold and the pain but to fight the loneliness. It wasn’t him against them anymore, it was her against the rest. Those girls that she half trusted with the Magick, more because of the necessity of having someone for each cardinal point than for other reasons, they were going to turn against her, they were going to be on his side to be saved. They had accepted the risk of going out on their own at night. They had accepted all the benefit of her teaching, all the benefit of her Magick. She was also feeling bitter and scared, she knew what death was, she had died longer ago, multiple times already.
She knew that she couldn’t be saved, that with or without Magick, she was going to die anyway, so she decided it would be with, in her all glory. She sat up in the lotus position, her back straight, she closed her eyes.

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