Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 75

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
“The first time they chained me, I couldn’t even fight like that”, the boy said and he started to hum his song again.
“When was that?” she asked with a slow voice as if she was just awakening from a bad dream which had taken away all her energy.
She didn’t really want to talk but she knew that it was the only way for her to feel a bit relived. She knew that they would die. However, she had never imagined that she would die as well, once again. She wondered why after dying so many times she was still so afraid of it, or maybe she was just afraid of the pain. Dying wasn’t painful in itself, it was the pain before you did that was impossible to bear and that was why you would actually die, because there was only this much you could take before your heart decide to stop.
The boy didn’t answer. He might as well have been talking to himself, he was humming his frightening melody and Brownie wished she could at least put her hands on her ears not to hear it anymore. She was going to die for her love once again. It was as if they were never meant to be happy. It had happened so many times before. It wasn’t the first time their two souls felt in love with each other but they seemed to be carrying a curse, pursuing them through time and space. There was always something in the way. In the easy life, she had just been taken away, to another country, he had had to go to war and had died there while she was waiting at home, in the most difficult life, she had to fight against forces that human mostly never encountered. She had been a witch in most of her life, at first more by necessity than by choice just like in this one, but in some of her life being a witch had also been the natural, legitimate thing to do, the only way too.

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