Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 74

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
But someone was singing in the dark, it wasn’t really a song, it was like a humming of a song and it didn’t seem to really be a song either, only some sort of melody without a real rhythm or any pattern, someone was humming just for the sake of humming. It was disturbing. After trying to see where the humming was coming from and who was there without success, Brownie finally remembered where she had hurt that sound before. In her dreams, in her most recent nightmares, it was the boy from her nightmare who had suddenly materialized and was singing for her his song of death. She started to panick and to pull on her chains, she didn’t want to cry and alert them but she wanted to be out of her, before he arrived. She had seen him in her dream, the one who had stolen Yue’s soul and Sahel’s. He was supposed to be dead but in general when you see a demon in your dream, it has nothing to do without your unconscious or with your bad memories, it has everything to do with what they want you to see. They are travelling in your dreams to make you feel hopeless, too scared the hell out of you before dipping you in. She had never feared someone as much. He was the reason why her life had dramatically changed, he was the reason why she was scared all the time, he was the reason why she had to become a witch, he was the reason why she had to fight everyday to keep a little bit of normality in her life. A part of her wanted to keep laughing, because she knew that they were all going to die, really soon but another part of her was filled with fear, unable to control itself at the bare thought of that demon and that part was starting to wonder how much of what she had seen in dreams was true and how much of her new past life and future life knowledge was true. She started to doubt herself and her Magick ability, her fighting spirit and strength leaving her as she slowly calmed down trembling and stopped fighting against the chains.

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