Friday, June 3, 2016

Steampunk dolls video series part 10 (Alice in Steampunk World)

I was up early this morning so I went out to take picture of Alice. I have been promising myself to make a video of her for a while so here we go. I went to a new location which is a park nearby but further away than the one where I took the other video. There were still a bit of people there despite the early hour. I think I managed to get used to the tripod and so I can take pictures in different location without worrying too much about where to put my camera and how to keep it steady. It was nice to have a bench to sit on instead of the usual rocks where I had to lower myself to make sure I was in the frame.

This Alice doll is the Alice of the last Alice series which came out last year. Since they made an other romantic Alice but that one didn't come out with a new series just an add to the romatic Alice series. The Alice in Steampunk World series contains 5 dolls: Pullip Alice, Pullip Mad-hatter, Dal Alice, Isul White Rabbit and Taeyang Dodo. So far I only have Pullip Alice and the Dodo. I'm hoping to get the other three some day but I'm waiting for a price drop which hasn't happened yet. 
The entire series has not only an Alice look with the blue color, the different characters from Alice in Wonderland but also a Steampunk touch, with a brown color and mechanical parts, gear and keys.
Here is the video

And here are the pictures from the Alice in Steampunk World Album

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