Saturday, June 4, 2016

Azone doll: Snow White Princess Aika

The last of the Otogi no Kuni so far is Aika Snow White Princess. She is the 12th otogi no kuni excute. There is also an Aika Snow Black Princess but she won't come out before next February so we'll have to be patient. I can't wait to have them together. At the moment, there is only one more doll that I know of, the princess mermaid Minami which will be for preorder soon. 

The Snow White Princess Aika has a very sophisticated outfit, with some text from the Snow White fairy tale on her dress. She also has a rounded mouth which is the first for the otogi no kuni excute. She has an apple on her dress too, the Snow Black has it on her bow instead. I will need to take a group picture later but as I just recently placed them all on a new shelve, I didn't want to make a mess again.

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