Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 73

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

Brownie was attached in the cave by heavy chain, she had this déjà-vu moment. It was the second time that she had been captured by the demons. But this time was different than the previous one. Sahel didn’t know where to find her. Even if she could hope on someone to notice that she wasn’t at home anymore, it was going to take a while for Viorel and Gideon to localize her. They were also probably working on getting the hole in the wall locked. Having a link to the demon world in your living room wasn’t really the safest thing on Earth. But she was also different, she had gained knowledge. She wanted to laugh even though she was so scared. She wanted to laugh but she was afraid that they would come back to make her stop. And then what would she do? Tell them that she was laughing because she knew? 
That she had being in the center of the loop of time when there is no space but one, when all the world are linked, when the past and the future don’t exist anymore because everything happens at once at the same instant always. Today is yesterday and tomorrow, there is nothing linear about time, time doesn’t even exist, it’s a concept created by humanity to deal with their need of beginning and end. Human needed closure, they invented time. Demons didn’t care about time, they had much longer to live to worry about their unfinished tasks, they had the eternity to reach their goal, an eternity compared to the length of a human life. But they didn’t know what she knew, they hadn’t seen that what they were trying to accomplish again capturing her was going to turn against them, no matter how many demon-gods they had created.
Someone was singing. Brownie must had fallen asleep because when she opened her eyes again, the candles had run out. Someone was singing. She didn’t remember that there was someone else in the room when she had arrived her. They had taken her here and attached her and told her to wait. Seriously, to wait, as if she could really do anything else, because when you were attached with heavy chains to your ankles and wrist at the wall of a cave filled up with demons of the worse kind - she had seen the horns of some of them, rather scary seeing the meaning- underground so deep that you ever wondered if there even had been something out, you were sure to be walking around happily and doing her own business. Demons only carrying orders from others were pretty stupid and being around stupidity was making her become sarcastic.
“But of course”, she had answered.
She wanted to cast a spell, at least to get rid of the pain in her wrist. Her arms were attached way above her head and the blood had gone out of them already, she was feeling pins and needle in her entire arm and it seemed to her that her hands were dead, the chains were cutting her blood circulation and she had no more sensations in her fingers ad hand, except for the heavy chain pressing on her bones.

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