Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Amugurumi Tuesday: Orange Blossom

I think Ginger Snap and Orange Blossom are the two cutest. 
Orange Blossom has very cute and very curly pigtails. Getting the curl was definitely a bit of an adventure as I had to wet and microwave the chained wool. It scared me a little to put anything else than food in the microwave and I didn't leave it the full time recommended. I'm glad it still worked. 
Her cream trousers with the pockets on the side makes her a little bit tomboyish and she has very flashy bright orange top and hat which makes her shine.

Here is what the curl looks like after making a chain, socking it in water, removing the water, microwaving, letting it dry over night and undoing the chain. If you want to see how straight it was before, head to Ginger Snap post.
Here are some details on the doll.
And here are the pictures of orange blossom.


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