Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 72

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

“What?” the dark shadow asked harshly turning toward him.
“Heu, do you know what to do with him ‘cause he seems like, really depressed or something?” Azazel asked with a soft voice.
“You first of all should have a bit more confidence, are you a demon or what?” the dark shadow said coming closer to him. He couldn’t believe that he was finally impressive to someone at last, with Sahel and Brownie and every one in that damn circus house, there was never anyone to impressed, they were all already so used to diversity that a powerful demonic shadow moving around was not to put any further impression on them.
“Y… yes” Azazel answered.
The shadow turned around to face Sahel.
“This guy felt for a human”, he said, “you want him to be back to normal, you have to find her, she is the sun and the moon to him, really.”
He was feeling down too, there was nothing much in his life except for moving around, he wasn’t even supposed to have a life, he should have been hided deep inside of Sahel’s mind just like Azazel’s shadow was, but because of Brownie, he had a life on his own. At first he had fought against it of course but now he was thinking that it might be better. He turned around to look at Azazel, it was good that being a shadow, you didn’t have any facial expression to betray you.
“Now, just take him home”, he said to Azazel.
“But his human is not there”, Azazel answered.
“I know that Az, just I don’t know where else to go”, the shadow answered.

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