Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 62

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

“I can’t get anything from the wall right now, not without proper material, there is nothing visible.” Viorel answered.
“Maybe I can help with this” Seti said coming closer to the wall.
“I don’t think you should”, Evalynn answered. She knew exactly what he was intending to do and she didn’t like it. The last time he had used that kind of power had been disastrous. People all over the place had disappeared without a trace and it had almost driven Azazel and himself crazy, without forgetting that this time she was alone with him, Sahel wasn’t here to save the day anymore.
“I know what I’m doing”, Seti said but it was all but convincing. He didn’t know what was going to happened, he had told them that he was giving up his powers of Chaos, had almost vowed not to ever use them again. The Chaos could come back powerful and take full possession of him again and in that case nobody knew what could happen. But he knew that sooner or later he would have to do it anyway, sooner or later he would have to face the power of Chaos sleeping inside of him again and somehow he preferred to be prepared and willing to do so than to have it happen at random again. He put his hand on his wall and concentrate. He hadn’t used his power for months, he didn’t have headache in months either. He had almost thought at time that the power of Chaos had been a dream. He hadn’t even thought about using it during his fight with the hunters. But it was all a lie, the Chaos was there, burning inside of him, ready to come out on demand and it was feeling good. For the first time, he wasn’t afraid of his power, for the first time he was in total control. The molecule of the wall started to dissociate slowly, Seti could see everything that had been done to them, the formula erased by the closure of the vortex, the demon appearing, the shock between the little green creature and the wall as he was projected against it by the one he called the witch, the other little green creature writing a formula, the ashes being scattered on the wall by something coming from the chimney. Matter had memory and that memory became his as he was putting the chaos in the well formed matter. He finally stopped and rearranged the hole he had created in the wall. Rearranging was a bit painful, his head was hurting a bit, chaos was asking for more chaos as it always had but it was nothing like before. As soon as he had finished, the headache also stopped, he passed his head in his neck sighing.
“So what did you exactly do?” Gideon asked.
He didn’t answered, he just grabbed a pen and paper on the table and started drawing the strange character which had invaded his memory.
“This what the green one had written on the wall to make the demon appear”, he said giving the paper to Viorel.
“Demons using the Amaric alphabet, that’s new”, Viorel said showing the paper to Gideon.
“I never saw that before, it’s not common for spells”, Gideon answered.
“We are demons, we can’t behave like humans”, Evalynn said.
“Well Sahel can”, Gideon answered concentrating on the text. “Can you read it?” he asked Viorel.
“Not the Sahel I know”, Evalynn said. But it was useless, they had more important things to talk about.

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