Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 61

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

“We should built a strategy first, stay here a little, take some rest, eat something until we figure out what to do and how to do it well, don’t just rush out without knowing where to go”, the vampire said putting a hand on his arm.
“He is right”, Seti answered, “we need something solid.”
“You hear what he said, they took Brownie away. I’m not staying here one minute longer, you do as you please.” Sahel pushed away Viorel’s hand and walking out of the room as fast as he could.
“Help them here, I’ll take care of him”, Azazel said to Evalynn putting a kiss on her lips and letting his hand run on her bottom before running after Sahel.
“I thought this place was the safest place ever”, Seti said turning to Viorel who was still examining the wall as if looking for something invisible.
“It was” he said.
“Then what happened?” Seti asked again.
“We don’t know”, Gideon answered.
“We don’t know yet”, Viorel rectified.
“Well that’s already something”, Evalynn answered with a high ton of sarcasms in her voice.
“We might have slightly underestimated our adversary”, Viorel answered walking to the chimney without even bothering to look at her.
“So what are you looking for?” she asked forcing herself to come closer. She hated vampires, they were lusty, filthy, they thought they were smarter than you just because they lived longer and possibly traveled through more places, they smelled bad and they were… dead.
“Something to indicate the method they used to break the barrier without me noticing it, how long it took them, what we need to repair it and what we need to built a stronger one on the top of this one”, Viorel said.
“You are going to build a stronger barrier above this one”, she said. She remembered the first time she had come to this place, she had hurt the barrier frontally, had been pushed back by a green light and her entire body had carried static electricity for days, not even saying how much trouble she had had to get her hair to stop standing on the top of her head. She wondered what a stronger barrier would have done to her, probably killed her, or burned her irremediably. She had a shiver passing through her spin, she didn’t like vampires and this one especially, he seemed to have a particular grudge against demons.
“No actually, I would built the new barrier bellow this one, to leave a little surprise for those who manage to break it up”, Viorel said passing his hand inside of the chimney.
“Bingo”, he said, “see.”
He turned to Gideon who was trying to clean up the scattered ashes not really realizing what better he could do.
“And that is?” he asked looking up.
Viorel had a dark blue substance on his fingers, it was leaking then coming back up to his hand forming a little ball and leaking again as if not so sure if it wanted to be a solid or a liquid.
“I guess that’s the residue of the spell they used. Could you analyze it?” Viorel asked with a smirk.
Gideon’s face brightened. That at least he knew how to do. He was thinking about Brownie, feeling hopeless, he didn’t know how to find her or help her. He couldn’t use a location spell as long as the barrier was down without being detected and that would have been dangerous for anyone in the house, not only for Brownie. But analyzing, that he could do, he was starting to feel spirited again. He looked at Viorel still a bit puzzled.
“Isn’t there anything else? I mean what they used to break the barrier and what they used to bring the last demon was obviously different, he didn’t come through the chimney.” He said.

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