Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 60

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

It looked at the other one which showed a sort of grind and turned back to her. Something was going on, she walked toward the second one but the first one grabbed her arm with its viscous and cold green hand, it was covered with pustules and she just shook him of as quickly as she could, there were still residues of green nauseous substance on her wrist.
“I’m almost finished explaining” he said smiling again at her with its three rows of yellow teeth. And he continued his blabbering.
“So you see, they wanted to find you, I mean, you have some sort of powers, not every human can get powers like that, it’s true, I’m not trying to flatter you or anything but you did great on that one, I mean stealing a soul from us, of course the second time was a bit rash, you have to admit it yourself but the first time, wah, that was really something, I mean we were all on our ass down there in the demon world, seriously that was some kind of really unexpected move from a beginner like you. Cause seriously you sucked at Magick, your previous attempt before that, breaking glasses around, turning our food disgustingly bad, seriously we were just laughing but that time was something…”
Brownie moved her right hand and the little green creature crashed against the wall just above his friend.
“The point”, Brownie said.
A large demon head pierce through the wall just where the little green creature had hit it. He was harboring huge horns on his head. Brownie took a step back, and a second recognizing the master, the one who had been coming to her dreams when Sahel was still a baby, the one Sahel was supposed to have completely annihilated but his arms were already spread to grab her. She was so afraid, she was already sweating cold, she didn’t have time to react that she was already pulled forward in the demon world dimension.
Viorel and Gydeon arrived in the room just in time to see her disappear, like snapped up into the vortex, the little green creature jumping in after her. They could only hear their laugher for a long time after the vortex had closed behind them.
“Damn it”, Gideon said falling on his knees.
“I think we have a real problem here”, Viorel answered going near the wall where Brownie and the demons had disappeared.
“More than a real problem, a serious problem”, Gideon said winning, “demons entering the house, demons able to create a portal, demons, demons, always demons, somebody could have been killed and that was our responsibility, and they took Brownie.”
“They what?” Sahel was at the door. He seemed he had rushed back as fast as he could, Seti, Azazel and Evalynn on his heels.
“I’m not sure”, Gideon said, “we protected the house, I don’t know how those demons managed to enter.”
Viorel was looking at him intensely.
“Demons came in? Anybody hurt?” Sahel asked so fast that Gideon didn’t know if he had really understood.
“Demons came in. Nobody is hurt, they took Brownie away”, Viorel said.
“We have a serious problem with the protection barrier”, Gideon said.
“Fix it!” Sahel yelled the order as if he wanted to shake them both for their mistake but he knew that it wasn’t going to help.
He turned around not even bothering to look at anyone or anything and started to walk out.
“Where are you going?” Viorel.
“Where everything started.” Sahel answered.

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