Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday taster 41: Parallel Slip

Hello everybody and welcome to a new Thursday Taster! 
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Maybe I should make thing a bit easier for Frederique, or maybe not. Did you here my evil writer laugh at the end of that sentence? I love torturing my characters, maybe because they love torturing me too, who knows? The poor girl is still jumping from one problem to the other. I guess that reflects a bit human interaction and why I need to lock myself in my room at time, just to be able to hear my own thoughts. We start back right where we left off last week in the middle of Frederique's reflection on bullying.

The other thing terrible with it [bullying], was no matter if you manage to fix what they believe was different about you, they would always look on the side and find something else. Once a target, forever a target. But today, I was going to give them some times to think about that something else and cut Jonas some slack. The kids lined up in the front of their classroom and the teacher came out and asked for silence before entering the class. It was my best chance, they were all going to have their eyes on me. And they did. I walked to the teacher.
"Can I help you?"
"Yes, actually, I am Jonas sister," I said. The kids whispered about that statement rather loudly. "I brought him here this morning and I'll be picking him up after class today."
"I don't remember seeing you around," the teacher said.
"That's the reason why I came to inform you," I answered. "I'll bring you a letter from our father if that's necessary."
"Yes, that would be better, we can't just let a kid leave with a stranger."
"But, she is my sister," Jonas cried from the back of the line.
For anyone normal, that would have been a cry for help but teacher are generally oblivious to whatever happens between kids. Some of the kids started to laugh and I heard some said that I wasn't and that it was just a joke. I wondered if I was making things worse for Jonas.
"That's enough," the teacher said.
"I'll be back at four," I said.
"I didn't know Jonas had a sister," the teacher said.
Here too, she should have heard him say it repeatedly, write it in homework and once again, she had been totally oblivious to it.
"I'm not around very often, I travel to many different places," I said.
Once again, the kids started to whispered and I hoped that Jonas was going to jump on the occasion to give them details that didn't involve space travel.
The teacher gave me the look, from top to bottom and to top again saying seriously how much travel a girl her age can really do.
"Alright, don't forget that letter," she said and she opened the door for the kids to enter.
"I don't care if they don't believe your my sister," Jonas said stopping in front of me.
"I went back last night," I said.
"Did she kissed the boy?"
"No, not yet, I'll tell you about it tonight, if the other ask, tell them I was traveling in Africa or something," I whispered in his ear.
He giggled.
"But the spaceship is so cool," he said.
"Yes, that's why it has to be a secret between you and me," I said.
"Jonas, come in," the teacher said impatiently.
"Promise, that's our secret," Jonas said.
"Promise," I answered, letting him go to class.
I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wanted to know what happened with lieutnant Fin at diner and what happened to my dad in that universe. I tought about it on the way back and when I arrived at my father's house, my mother's car was parked in the alley. My father was trying to tell her that everything with fine. Courtesy would have been to let her in the house, but intelligence knew that it was impossible.

 Do you see the parallel between Frederique and her mother? They are both tenacious and freaking stubborn!

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  1. I love this story. I am going to try and keep up with as you post different segments. Thank you for sharing

  2. I really enjoyed this taster. Love the protectiveness of his sister and am intrigued as to the spaceship. Roll on next week.