Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday taster 40: Parallel Slip

Hello everybody and welcome to a new Thursday Taster! 
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Now, this pics looks a bit like every world are partially mixed up with each other, we don't know if it's the effect of transparency and if they are far away enough from each other not to mix or if they are actually mixing related bubble which means we could travel from world to world like Frederique does. Let's go back to our story. With every problems coming Frederique's way, I feel at times that she is like a super hero.

The alarm o'clock was illuminating the room with a green light marking 4:06. I had never blacked out for so long. There was something different, very different about that world. I slid out of bed and turned on the desk lamp. I took out my diary to write everything about the trip before it vanished. I wondered if the trip had lasted longer because I knew that my mother wouldn't be here to interrupt me and sending me to the hospital, and because nothing was interfering by recording my brain activity, but I almost regretted not having another scan of this world. The first one had been different and a long one would have been a huge add for my study. I finished the recording and wrote down all the questions that had come up during the trip about my theory and needed to be answered. I couldn't wait to know more about myself. I went back to bed and when I woke up the later in the morning, I felt like I hadn't slept at all. Technically blacking out was not sleeping and I had only 3 hours of sleep before walking Jonas to school.

There was something I had forgotten about kids. They were mean. Really, mean with each other and with every one who was different. Jonas was basically your average kid.
Looking at him, there was nothing different about him. But there was me. The sister he had been waiting for and that nobody believe existed.
"She is not your sister, she is just the baby sitter because you are a baby," a boy, a little taller than Jonas said as he waved at me.
I had the feeling that just because he had talked about me a couple of times at school, Jonas had to deal with that crap a lot. He turned to the boy.
"Of course she is my sister and she is way prettier than yours."
The taller boy pushed him.
"Liar, you don't have a sister, you are all alone because you are just a liar."
I had to do something but I was afraid of making it worse and then I remembered that my mother went many times to see the teacher to explain that they shouldn't let me go with my father even if he was to come pick me up at school. So I walked passed the grid.
"Jonas, can you show me your classroom?" I said as the bell rang.
Jonas looked at me. I could tell that he wasn't feeling well. I had been bullied for blacking out, I knew the feeling but I also knew that whenever other kids decided to bully you, it was for a reason. Whether it was obvious or not. What was wrong with Jonas? He had a sister he had never seen and they had never seen and he kept on talking about it as if I was there. They probably believed he had an imaginary friend, or that he was crazy. Kids are like adults, they don't like what is different and they don't have the necessary empathy or self-control to just look in the other direction.

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