Thursday, April 30, 2015

Zinfandel (A-to-Z challenge 2015)

Hello and welcome to the last fruity post of the A-to-Z April challenge.  I know that makes you sad and that makes me sad too but hey, I'll be back next April for a new A-to-Z filled with surprises and I'm still writing daily blogs no matter what. I'm sure you'll find something to like here next month too. 

Today, I was going to go for the zucchini which is technically a fruit, like the tomato, not a vegetable. But I decided that as it was the last day of the challenge I could try and take on something a bit more challenging so here you go: Zinfandel grapes.

The zinfandel is a variety of black-skinned wine grapes... yeah a french girl talking about wine, how original, but I don't like wine, well actually I have very discriminated taste is wine to be exact and you'll have more chance to see me drink vodka. 

The zinfandel is grown largely in California and it's genetically the same as the Crljenak Kaštelanski from Croatia or the Primitivo from Italy. Now, this sounds like boring information but then try to pronounce Crljenak, it has 4 initial consonants, how cool is that. 

Archeologists found that the zinfandel originated in the Causasus region from 6000 BCE so that's a very old fruit. I'm not sure any of the fruits we went thought this month where that old.  It has been grown in Croatia longer than anywhere else and only reached America in 1829, like almost 8000 years later.
Some of it's varieties got wiped out by epidemic in Europe and then it was prohibited with alcohol in America. 

Here are some bottles if you like wine. They look pretty artistic.
Don't forget to come back next year, for another A-to-Z challenge. And don't forget to come back tomorrow, I have a vampire story going on on Fridays.

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