Monday, April 13, 2015

Pullip doll: A Zuora, not like the others

Hello everyone and welcome to a new doll post. This time is pretty special as it's my first post about a partially customized doll. I have to say I somehow surprised myself with her. 
First I didn't customize her myself, I like my stock dolls the way they are and the only change I ever made to them is a change of clothes. 
Second I found this doll for very cheap and just fell in love with her. She is a Zuora and the first owner changed her eyes and her wig. She looked amazing to me and I looked at her several days in a row before deciding to finally get her. But see for yourself. 

Once again in the box. This time she doesn't have the stock box like the doll I buy in general as she was second hand. You can see she didn't come alone but I'll talk about the other doll next week.
 First you can see that her wig is red and black when the normal Zuora doll has grey hair. The second part of the change is the eyes. They are animal eyes, so half sphere shaped and going out a lot more than the flat usual eyeships.
 She has the complete Zuora outfit, except for the shoes so I'll probably have to get her a pair of shoes later. That being said my dolls, are generally lacking shoes if they don't come with them in the first place. Even my Taeyang Sol doesn't have shoes seeing that I couldn't put his stock shoes on.
 Here is what she looks like without her coat on. Don't tell me that the wig isn't awesome. It totally fits with the outfit color and I love those strips.
 Here is a close up for you to see the eyes. They are glittering. She looks alive. My boyfriend said: "Wow the eyes are so much better than normal one." I guess that's a win.
 The other things you have to love about this doll, the horns on her coat. That totally makes her a cow like demon so I decided she was a quasi. I said that on the facebook page but got no reactions so I guess I've got to explain what is a quasi. Quasi stands for quasi-demons, like a demon mixed with something else. They are the one ruling the purgatory, the place where they decide if you've got to go to hell or heaven after you die. If you want to know more about that you can always check my review of an excellent novel about quasis.
 Then of course she join the shelve near my other demon like Isul Hednar doll. Yes, he doesn't have horns but he has demon wings hehe, which means in my own novel series that he didn't kill anyone yet. Check Demon Soul. ;)
 A last thing, she also has a tail. The same kind as Mila in Angelbound.
 And we has a bit of a girl in strips party.

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