Sunday, January 25, 2015

WeWriWar 87 Demon and Fairy

Hello everyone and welcome to a new excerpt of Demon and Fairy for the  Week-end Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday.

Let's continue our demon's story (I'll get to 100 Then hopefully you'll have my new novel to enjoy)! 

In the previous episodes: Seti let the chaos got out of him as the father of his sister's fiance threaten to break the engagement. Wild, he flies to the beach to see the only person near whom he can get rid of the Chaos without pain, the fairy Kallisto in the Human world below his. He can only observe her through a tidal pool. But this time, she is in danger. Trying to rescue her from a snake, Seti lands in the world below. However, as Kallisto tries to touch him, he flies away back to his hidden place on the beach and listen to Kallisto's conversation with her best friend Kelpie who once again proposes to her and is refused. Kallisto needs to choose between Kelpie or going back to the fairy world to marry prince Kordelius. As the night comes, Kallisto goes home and so does Seti and of course his parents are all weird... (Remember, Seti used his forbidden power and left without an explanation... ) Then Seti was mysteriously pushed in his room, in the dark and apparently turned blind. For the past few weeks, Seti is trying to control the Chaos who wants to take over his body. We had some flash back to explain the relationship between Seti and the Chaos. Now Seti seems to be in control again but for how long?

Here are my 8 sentences, we start where we left off last week. Now that the Chaos has calmed down, Seti is looking for the way out. 

The hole was almost done. Seti wiped his forehead with his sleeve. The headache amplified and Seti finally understood the sentence the Chaos had said earlier when it had stopped yelling for once “It’s fighting against your true nature that’s hurting you.”
He was rebelling against the Chaos, against this other part of him that scared everyone around. Fighting against it, he was all alone, but if he didn’t, maybe he could have someone to rely on, maybe he could be able to rely on the Chaos.
Yes, I am you, be me,” the Chaos said with a cajoling voice.
But would you be me then?” Seti asked.
I  think Seti has a point, doesn't he?...
Answer to last week's comments
Someone managed to feel sorry for the Chaos... The Chaos is evil! But that was a sweet unusual comment still. :) 
We used to have team Kelpie and team Seti are we going to have team Chaos as well?
Other than that, yes, Seti and the Chaos are fighting over the control of his body... Personally, I wouldn't like to be in there.

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  1. How frustrating this must be for Seti to rebel against his (alleged) true nature. But if the Chaos is so evil maybe Seti is doing what is right. I don't envy Seti at all.

  2. People are so afraid to acknowledge their own inner darkness, their own "chaos" -- but that part of us is what gives us strength. (This snippet reminds me very much of a Star Trek episode in which Captain Kirk was split into "good" and "evil" and the totally good version was unable to make decisions or take action.)

    And I think I'm rambling. Sorry! But it's a great snippet!

  3. Sounds like we're getting close to Seti's moment of self-discovery.

  4. Yes, Seti does have a point. Enjoyed their banter as they reason with each other. I interested in knowing what Chaos will say.

  5. SETI is smart to question the chaos. Poor little demon, his road has been long and hard.

  6. Love the final sentence - there's a lot to be done in figuring out this Chaos-Seti link, very interesting stuff.

  7. We all have a dark side, but it's always worth it to fight that part off. Hang in there, Seti!

  8. Oh, poor Seti. This revelation seems like a turning point with him.

  9. I think Seti has a point. It's in his nature to rebel so if he gave in to his alleged "true" nature, he'd actually be losing himself. Interesting problem.

  10. I love this one: “Yes, I am you, be me,”. Loooove the reasoning in this snippet!

  11. He's just so alone. I wish he could have someone to care for him.

  12. Hmmm. That's an ominous note to end the snippet on. Chaos is going to make things interesting...