Monday, January 26, 2015

Pullip doll: Chill and Rovam

The pullip dolls Chill and Rovam came out in 2006 and 2005 respectively, which makes them rather rare and pricy, fortunately I managed to find them mind and half price compared to the average pullip.

Mind you, it always starts with a box....

Hiding more boxes...

Rovam is a pirate and comes with a bag, a treasure, a bottle and a telescope. Here is Rovam's quote: « Let's set out seeking for coming treasure! My dream is huger, and is deeper than the ocean... Feel like so. » 
I can't wait to take here to the sea on some adventure, but I would prefer for it to be in Summer because here it's a little chilly at the moment.

Rovam in her box with all her stuff! 

What I like about Rovam, is the quality and details in her outfit. She also looks up which is pretty good seeing that in general, pullip's head tend to look a bit down. I also like her short hair, she is my first (and only) pullip with short hair, they look a little crazy which totally suit her as a pirate. I also really like the heart shape on her eye.

Chill is a little Inuit and comes with bear cover... Really, a polar bear!
Chill's quote: « Standing in silvery landscape. In my sight, aurora wrinkles. Cold makes it more mysterious.... Feel like so. » 
I'll take her out for pictures once it snows a little more.

Chill in her box, with the bear! 
 What I like the most about Chill is her silky hair and her outfit which is really realistic and cosy. she also has a hood which can be removed. Her face up is also increadible. I love those dark lips. And the bear is pretty cute too.

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