Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: Interstellar

Welcome to a new Tuesday Cinema! 
This week we are going to talk about a science fiction movie from last year called Interstellar. 

Story: Cooper hates being a farmer, he was meant to be a NASA pilot, but NASA doesn't exist anymore. He wants better for his children, but the Earth doesn't need engineers, the population needs food and history is slowly rewritten in textbook to erase everything that made the 20th century and led to this catastrophic poisonous atmosphere. But one day, he discovers that NASA is not as gone as it seems and they are ready to send mankind in space through wormhole to save the species but first they need to see which planet is viable in another galaxy.

My feeling: The story was really well done except for two little points: 1) The guy who goes crazy and might kill you to save everyone who are still going to die. It makes sense in a way and in another it really doesn't. 2) You might need a little more than one female to recreate the human race, I mean yeah Adam and Eve multiplied so much that we are all here today but seriously it doesn't really add up. And scientist should think about gene diversity at least, really. 
Except for though it was a great movie. I liked the interaction in the family and how she managed to stay mad at her dad for so long, because seriously she had a point before he left. Then I like the take on the time loop and multiple dimensions, it was really good.

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1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed the movie as well ^^ I needed to watch it 2 times to get everything though. Did you have some difficulty understanding Matthew McConaughey's accent, or was it just me?