Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 4

Hi everyone and welcome to a new Wednesday Snippet where I will once again share a little bit of Demon World unedited. 

It wasn’t common to shake each other hand, in the Demon World, it was a sign of alliance and understanding more than a greeting. Shaking someone’s hand at the first meeting was either a sign of extreme confidence or of extreme foolishness. Yue looked at him deeply with his grey eyes, but didn’t take his hand. Taste waited slightly longer and took it back, staring intensely at Yue in return. For him, it was a sign that the competition was open between them, and he intended to win.
“Can you make things appear also?” Lonan asked, interrupting the staring contest.
Yue looked at him and laughed. Other demons were staring at them and still whispering, it was the first time that Yue had let anyone sitting at his table and it was the first time that he seemed to be taking pleasure in something.
“It’s a magic trick, I’ll teach it to you if you want, but it takes much practice,” Yue answered.
Lonan looked at him intensely. Odeon sat near Yue on the opposite seat.
“I’m Odeon, and this is Lonan,” he said, but he didn’t extend his hand like his brother had done.

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