Saturday, January 24, 2015

Amigurumi: Charizard

Through Christmas/New Year break, I made severals amigurumi, you have already seen the Ninja Turtle Leonardo, and my Nine tailed fox and also Olaf from Frozen, but I didn't properly introduce my new pokemon Charizard even if I had a quick photo post for my 365 photo challenge.

This beast came in 40 pieces... I think, I counted them, but I might make a mistake because that's the amigurumi with the most pieces I have ever made so far. You can find the patterns here.

Here are some of the pieces, I took that picture to make people on the facebook page guess at what it was, they came out with a rabbit and a butterfly... pretty funny.
Here is the beast while I was finally sewing it. Seeing that the sewing is the most tedious part of making an amigurumi I was really eager to finish it.
And here is the dragon in all his glory.
There are wire in the wings to keep them straight.
Now let's go for a dragon ride!

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