Friday, January 23, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 1

I decided to start back on working with Vampire Heart. So far it's my longest novel so far, so long that I even think it unfinishable at time, so it's still in the form of an unfinished draft. Sometimes, it's a bit hard to think about it because I have spent so much time on it on and off for years and it's not even close to the end. So I decided to get back to it, but I think I need a complete refresh to make it efficient. Therefor, I'll be adding weekly snippet every Friday, either chronologically or I'll skip parts to show you where I'm at on a particular week.

This week, let's start at the very beginning of Vampire Heart unedited (of course, no editing was done as the first draft is incomplete) 

About 600 years ago in Sighişoara.

I woke up feeling a deep pain in my chest, I feel the air running through my nose and cough. I had the taste of blood in my mouth and the air was going in too, making my chest move up and down quickly. I wanted it to stop, I closed my eyes for a second thinking that if I could go back to sleep it would stop, that if I could stop thinking it will all go away. But I was wrong. My chest kept on moving up and down with the air inside burning it. That was the worse sensation I ever felt, something going inside of me without me wanting it and I was unable to resist it. I tried to pull up my hands to my chest or my throat, but I could feel the heavy weight of chains around my wrist penetrating my flesh as I moved my hands up. I hold it a little, that type of pain felt a lot better. I knew that type of pain, I was tied up, but for some reasons I wasn’t scared. It seemed like the fear had left me long ago. I heard some voices around me and I realized that I was lying on a table. I moved my head up to look in the direction of the voices, but I felt dizzy, my lungs’s need for air accelerated as my head fell back on the hard wooden table. I was unable to move.
“His heart is beating,” the voice was surprised, I didn’t know why until I suddenly realized that they were talking about me.
I could hear crying in the background. It was a girl cry and for a strange reason it made me sad, sadder than thinking about my own fate. I forgot about the conversation around, all I could hear was her, I wanted to tell her that everything was going to be fine, but I knew nothing was going to be fine ever again. I was going to die really soon and I was grateful about it. That was probably the happiest thought I could have at the moment. Death would end everything, the burning in my chest, the tears of the girl, the hard table in my back and the chains still cutting my wrists.
“Incredible!” The word brought me back to reality and I started to feel it too, my heart was beating hard in my chest, that was a strange sensation. Concentrating, I could feel it through my entire body, fast, the sound of it was in my ears too, but not as a sound coming from outside, it was coming from inside of me and that was the reason why I felt so dizzy, my head started to spin and I tried not to think about it. Every time I was discovering something more about the state I was in, it made me feel worse. I closed my eyes for a minute until cold hands on my body made me open them again. And I got dazzled by a light, too strong. A man I had never seen before was moving a candle in front of my face.
“Impossible,” he said. 
He put the candle on the side and I felt the warm of the fire on my cheek. The room was cold, but the candle so close to me was far from being reassuring.
Something stuck my arm, and the burning in my chest intensified. I just heard the crying girl yelling before I fell unconscious again.

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