Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Special pullip post: Happy Birthday to me.

This year, for my birthday I had dolls. One of them haven't arrived yet but here are some pictures of the others. It's a different feeling to have dolls who came already made and dolls I made myself. For the dolls I made myself I have some feelings about the time I spend on them and the struggles to get them just the way I wanted. The others are just very beautiful to watch. Still, I will make them new outfits because I can't resist the sewing machine calling me.

So here is my dream Isul, the Isul Mao called Aurel.
I discover reading his ID card that he is the official brother of my little Akemi who had a new sheep to cuddle with yesterday.
And here is my Pullip ninja, I'm still deciding on her new name. She has got really amazing eyes and hair.
Here is a close up. I wasn't expecting that much pink in her hair but that's a really nice touch.
And here is my first Taeyang, he is also and ninja. I'll give him a shampoo soon and let you see the result. I like his orange teint and he also has pretty amazing eyes.
 My little couple. Taeyang will also need a new name.

 And here are all of them waiting for my last little ninja a Dal Katoya.


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