Wednesday, January 26, 2011

タイヨウのうた (Song of the Sun)

En français
タイヨウのうたis a japanese drama in 10 episodes from 2009. I already talked about the movie coming from the same story here.

Kaoru Amane dreams of becoming a singer. She started to play the guitar when a boy abandoned his guitar in front of her bedroom at the hospital where she is treated for XP, a decease that forbid her to enter in contact with the sun. As her friend brought her a video of her day she sees the boy from the guitar again before meeting him as she is singing in the street. Then a love story will start. But he is caught up by his past and she is followed by the curse of the sun.

This drama is a lesson of courage because no matter how bad things are Amane will never give up on things and people she loves. I really like the music as well.
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Casting :
沢尻エリカ as Amane Kaoru (Shinobi)
山田孝之 as Fujishiro Koji (クローズZERO, クローズZERO II)
松下奈緒 as Tachibana Asami
佐藤めぐみ  as Matsumae Misaki (花より男子 returns, 花より男子 season 1)
濱田岳  as Kato Haruo
川村陽介  as Tatsunami Ryusuke

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