Monday, September 27, 2010

花より男子 returns

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花より男子 returns is the sequel of 花より男子 released in 2007.

Tsukasa has now been in New-York for a year and Tsukushi didn't get any news from him. When Sakurako comes to visit her and tell her that she had met Tsukasa is New-York, Tsukushi starts doubting his feeling for her. Hanasawa Rui advises her to go to New-York to meet him. Her father winning a week-end in New-York at his work lottery gives her the opportunity. However in New-York she meets a totally different Tsukasa. Not happy to see that her son still have relations with Tsukushi, Tsukasa's mother decide to take him back to Japan for his birthday and to introduce his new fiancee, Okawahara Shigeru the daughter of a rich oil company president.

For one the second is as good as the first. I really like the music in this part of the story. Shigeru is also a very funny character and a great add to the story.
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