Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Europe tour Interail 2006 : End of the first part

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We took the train to Gdynia and arrive there a bit late. The plan was to get a train for Berlin to be able to start the second part of our travel. After looking at the time tables, we realized that we need to go to Warszawa first and to change there for Berlin. The train for Warszawa was at 12pm leaving us the morning only to visit Gdynia. We walked in the main street and decided to go to see the sea but we just arrive in the harbor. No luck, we should have prepared the itinerary in the city a bit better. We walked back to the train station and like the night before, we had to wait for the train reminding me a bit of Italy but without major incident this time.  We arrive in Warszawa and see the Palac Kultury i Nauki (Palace of Culture and Science). As the city center is quite far we prefer to stay near the train station and see the modern part of the city than to go to the old town. We took our train for Berlin and arrive there at midnight. Fortunately we are greeted again by my German family and we spend the next day with then before taking the next train to the North and the second part of this Europe tour.
Europe tour Interail 2006 : Introduction 
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