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クローズZERO (Crows Zero)

En français

クローズZERO is a Japanese movie by 三池 崇史 (Miike Takashi) taken from the manga "Crows" by 高橋 ヒロシ (Hiroshi Takahashi). 三池 崇史 also made a lot of movies including 殺し屋1 (Ichi the killer) and 着信アリ (One miss call).

Takiya Genji enters Suzuran high school also known as the school of crows to conquer it. This will allow him  to success his father as the leader of the Yakuza clan. Suzuran high school is a under the law of gang, and Genji has to conquer small classes first to be able to get enough people to defeat the largest gang leaded by Serizawa.
Serizawa's men will beat up the people rallying to Genji one by one to counter him. In the meantime, Genji is helped by Ken from the yakuza clan opposing Genji's father.

This movie is really violent. I wonder if the people standing after beaten each other up in a way that would have killed a dinosaur is a metaphor for human will power or if it's just for the fun of it. Anyway that was fun to watch. I like the part where the movie goes ridiculous as well. There is some similitude with 殺し屋1 even though it's not as insane. Start watching here.

Casting : 

小栗 旬 as Genji Takaya (花より男子 returns, 花より男子 season 1)
山田孝之 as Tamao Serizawa (タイヨウのうた (Midnight Sun))
やべきょうすけ as Ken Katagiri
高岡蒼佑 as Shun Izaki (バトル・ロワイアル)
黒木 メイサ as Ruka

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  1. So my room mates and I have decided to have a whole night dedicated to one asian drama (or a day in some cases).
    We are going to be looking through your blog, but I AM SO EXCITED! :DD