Friday, May 14, 2010

Japan : お台場 and 船の科学館 (Odaiba and the museum of maritime science)

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Last week-end I went to お台場 with some friends. It's an artificial island that you can reach by crossing the レインボーブリッジ (rainbow bridge) or by taking a bus boat. We took the train to cross the bridge, maybe an other time I'll try the bus boat.
We went there to visit the 未来館 museum (Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation or future museum) but we were too late to see the shows there so we decided to go to 船の科学館 instead. It has the shape of a boat. That was interesting. I like especially the sub-maritime part and the games situated in the lower part of the museum. At the top the radio control boats were too busy to let us a chance to play with. We also went to the tower to have a look around.
Then we went to have some dinner and to the mall that was a very interesting one with a lot of things to see.

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  1. The museum looks interesting! I would love to have a look if I go there. Had been around Odaiba and took photoes of the statue of liberty!