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のだめカンタービレ (Nodame cantabile)

En français

のだめカンタービレ (Nodame Cantabile) is a Japanese drama in 11 episodes from 2006. It is based on a manga. There are also a animation series, a special and two movies.
As my friends wanted to go see the second movie at the cinema one of them gave me the drama so that I could go with them and understand the story. Going to see movie at the cinema without subtitles is really good for my Japanese. (I generally remove the subs anyway).

Chiaki  wants to be a conductor and to meet his master in Europe. However due to trauma he seems to be unable to leave Japan anymore.
Nodame is really good at playing piano but she doesn't like to follow the notes on the music sheet.
As they are both piano students at the university, one of their professor decide to make them play together.

Casting :
 上野樹里 as Nodame
玉木宏 as Chiaki
瑛太 as Mine
小出恵介 as Masumi
水川あさみ as Kiyora
サエコ as Sakura

This is a really funny drama. I like the music and I like how every characters are hilarious and exaggerated.
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